Remediation Works Update, 1 June 2017

,An initial 10-week program of remediation works has begun on the corridor, with contractors employed to focus on weed spraying and the removal of mulch and asbestos.
The Roe 8 Rehabilitation Working Group, chaired by the Member for Bicton Lisa O’Malley, is meeting weekly and has formed three subcommittees to deal with fencing, communications and rehabilitation.
This website will be updated regularly to let you know how the work is progressing and how you can participate in the future.
Weed spraying: Two locations completed (out of 10)
Mulch removal: One location removed (out of 9)
Asbestos removal: Two locations removed (out of 7)
Fencing: Some fencing removed already. Walk-through planned by sub-committee to determine where further fencing can be removed or replaced.
Planting: Once the 10-week program of works has been completed, the winter break will be used to draft a rehabilitation strategy, with planting due to start in 2018.

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