Remediation Works Update, 12 July 2017

Going, going gone! The concrete construction barriers that lined North Lake Road for so long have been removed, marking another step in the rehabilitation of the Corridor.

Meanwhile, tender documents for the 10-year rehabilitation plan are being sent out this week by Main Roads WA to experienced environmental consultants. Community and government representatives will brief the consultants, who will then have a short period to bid for the work.

In other news:

  • The temporary construction fencing will be progressively removed from areas where the temporary works have been completed and the site remediated as it is safe to do so.
  • Orders have been placed for permanent conservation fencing to protect the areas under rehabilitation. All temporary construction fencing will be removed once the permanent fencing is installed.
  • We will shortly begin a program of consultation with Coolbellup residents about the final location of the fencing – either around the cleared areas or along the edge of the corridor
  • Approval has been granted for Murdoch University to undertake a $8,500 scientific monitoring project, which will include an ongoing assessment of  pH levels.

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