Remediation Works Update, 26 July 2017

Fencing – Have your say

We’ve mailed out 500 letters to Coolbellup residents about replacing the high construction fencing with lower conservation-style fencing.

So far only 35 people have replied. If you live near Sebastian Crescent or Molvolio Road, we’re keen to hear from you here (http://comment.cockburn.wa.gov.au/roe-8-remediation)

With the fencing consultation closing on Friday 28 July, here is a sample of comments received so far:

“I would prefer more gates along the Malvolio Road strip to allow entry in and out of the bushland from different points. I often walk my dog along the bushland and like to wander in and out at different locations and stop in and visit people who live on Malvolio along the way . I think at least 4-6 gates spaced evenly along the length of Malvolio Road.”

“I was devastated by the destruction of the woodlands and am looking forwarding to supporting and helping in the rehabilitation process where I can.”

“A pedestrian gate is needed near the children’s swings on Sebastian Crescent near the end of Cordelia Ave. And a pedestrian gate on the walkway at the corner of Forrest/Stock Rd from Sebastian Cres.”

“The footbridge from the corner of Antonio and Sebastian across Stock Road is a major linkage for illegal trail bikes. Activity could be significantly reduced if access to the bridge was modified.”

“Will the fences be high enough to deter illegal dumping and trail bikes from being lifted over the top?”

“Please also consider fencing to limit access of cats as part of the rehabilitation program. I would also encouraging tightening regulations relating to keeping of domestic cats in areas close to this bushland. Thank you for seeking feedback.”

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