Remediation Works Update, 24 August 2017

Consultants appointed to draft rehabilitation plan

Development of a 10-year plan to rehabilitate the Roe 8 Corridor started this week with the appointment of consultants Emerge Associates to draft the plan, in close consultation with the stakeholders and community.

Ms Lisa O Malley, Bicton MP and Chair of the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group said it was an exciting milestone in community and government efforts to protect and maintain the Corridor.

The plan will be strongly influenced by community/stakeholder consultation in coming months.

Emerge Associates is a Western Australian based environmental consultancy and landscape architectural practice, with a focus on providing locally appropriate solutions. Emerge has partnered with Creating Communities to coordinate community consultation for the project. For more information, visit www.emergeassociates.com.au or https://www.creatingcommunities.com.au/



Reports of vandalism to the temporary fencing around the Corridor continue, with precious funds for revegetation being diverted to repairing fenced damaged, pushed over or removed. Vehicles have illegally accessed the site, destroying property, compromising the fragile regrowth and potentially putting rare species at risk.

This ongoing behaviour is incurring significant costs with the constant need to monitor and maintain the fencing to protect the regrowth. These scarce funds could be better spent on other valuable community initiatives.

Your ongoing support during this important period is appreciated. We ask you for your patience, understanding and vigilance so everyone can help protect this asset as we move forward.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support for this important conservation initiative.

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