Remediation Works Update, 30 August 2017

Residents are advised that preliminary work on the permanent fencing for the Roe 8 Corridor starts tomorrow (Thursday 31 August).

This means the high construction fencing will be removed and lower conservation style fencing will be installed.

For the next two weeks, contractors will be on-site, using a “sucker” truck and ground penetrating radar to locate previously installed services such as power, sewer and water to ensure they are not damaged when installing the permanent fencing. A white PVC conduit will be left in the ground to identify the service alignment and depth. The new fencing will be installed from late next week onwards, in the same locations.

These works will only be undertaken in areas where the fence line is being installed and no additional clearing will be carried out.

Work starts west of North Lake Road initially, along North Lake Road, Forrest Road, Stock Road, Malvolio Road and Sebastian Crescent.

After undertaking that work, the contractors will complete works to the east of North Lake Road, along North Lake Road, Progress Drive, Hope Road and Bibra Drive.

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