Remediation Works Update, 13 September 2017

Young people aged 10 to 25 from all over the Asia Pacific will converge on the Cockburn Wetland Centre on October 2 to have a say about the future of the Roe 8 Corridor.

It’s not too late to register for the free event. Join 100 young people, meet the scientists, photographers and artists who can help you design the future. Present your ideas to Members of  Parliament  and other stakeholders.

It’s part of a three-day workshop hosted by Millennium Kids Inc.  Participants will visit best practice sustainability sites, explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals, exploring Futures Thinking.

Participants will share their ideas for future collaboration between schools, NGOs and corporates.  They will leave the workshops armed with ideas and enthusiasm to tackle sustainable change in their local, regional and international communities.

See https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mk21-unconference-one-thousand-actions-for-the-planet-tickets-37751037369

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