Remediation Works Update, 25 October 2017

BBQ at Bibra Lake

At beautiful Bibra Lake today, local Nyungar people chatted with the rehabilitation management plan consultants about the lake, its history and its value. Let our photos tell the story.



Much has been written about the heritage of the site. See some references below:

  • North Lake (Coolbellup) and Bibra Lake (Walliabup), form part of the Beeliar Wetlands south of the Swan River. The lakes were the focus of activities of the Swan Coastal Aboriginal peoples, the Nyungar. The dialect group known as the Beeliar, had semi-permanent camp-sites around both North and Bibra lakes. Some clan members, particularly the elderly, remained near North and Bibra lakes throughout the year, whilst the remainder dispersed inland throughout winter. They used these lakes and adjacent swamps for turtle, waterfowl and typha reeds, and for ceremonial activities. Read more at http://savenorthlake.com.au/aboriginal-ties.shtml
  • In the summer of 1843, Benedict von Bibra (son of Franz Ludwig von Bibra) bought land at the edge of a wide depression to use as a camping place in order to shorten the trip between his two carpentry businesses in Perth and Fremantle. He apparently assessed from the stringyback trees that the basin would become a lake in winter of a depth of seven to eight feet. He proved correct. Read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bibra_Lake,_Western_Australia
  • The area suffered during the economic depression of the 1930’s due to lack of electricity, inadequate roads and the distance to the markets. Despite these hardships the suburb continued to develop into a vibrant community and approval for a residential development was granted during 1977. Today it offers picnic areas, a wetland centre, scouts, barbecues, playgrounds, Adventure World, an 8km cycle/walking path and passive walks through the conservation reserves. Read more at http://cockburnwetlands.org.au/history/


Reminder: Community Open Day

1pm to 4pm, Saturday 4 November
Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre, 184 Hope Rd, Bibra Lake WA

RSVP via https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/rehabilitating-roe-8-community-open-day-tickets-38927011740

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