Remediation Works Update, 15 November 2017

Separating the weeds from the grass

Josh Brown, an environmental technician employed by weed contractors on the Corridor, knows which precious native grasses to avoid.

The 34-year-old has studied horticulture for five years and native grasses for three. He is so passionate about native grasses that he would like them to become commonplace on our road verges and used by turf farms for suburban lawns.

He is most interested in the following grasses –Weeping, Wallaby grass and Foxtail Mulga grass.

“These grasses have been used in conservation land management and horticulture on a small scale and have great potential for residential and roadside applications in the future,” he said.

He has been trialling Microlaena stipoides, Neurachne alopecuroidea, Austrostipa scabra and Rytidosperma caespitosum in plots to gauge growing conditions, including water and fertiliser use.

Josh has been working with Workpower Environmental, contracted by the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance on the Corridor to curb the influx of weeds shooting up after the spring rain.

Apart from grass management, he is also interested in composting, upcycling, early settler history and growing vegetables at home.

Josh says he became involved in this career because he “likes to look after the environment and would like to make an impact for the future”.

He believes the Corridor rehabilitation is vital for the community groups, education and the fauna.

“Natural pockets of bushland provide a habitat for the smallest creatures to hide in,” he said.

Read more about Josh Brown’s research here.


Weed workshop

Saturday 25 November 2017. 8.30am-12.30PM Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre, Hope Rd Bibra Lake. Free event.

Join expert bush regenerator Dave Bright to learn how to identify common weeds in our bushland and wetlands, their biology and variety of control methods. Presentation followed by field trip to Bibra Lake Reserve. Registration from 8.00am. Please ensure you wear long pants, enclosed shoes and bring a hat as we will be walking in the bush. BYO Water bottle. Light morning tea provided. Places limited.

Register at: www.ticketbooth.com.au/CityofCockburn

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