Remediation Works Update, 22 November 2017

Why hasn’t planting started yet?

We are as eager as everyone to start replanting the Corridor.

But we have to be mindful of not harming the natural regrowth that has emerged, weather conditions, funding and our immediate priorities.

Firstly, we need a plan of attack.

  • We have fenced the site and allowed community access again.
  • We have worked out fire access tracks.
  • We have weeded the Corridor, removed mulch and asbestos, and plotted some areas for scientific monitoring
  • We have done some baseline measurements so that later on we can map our success
  • And we have hired environmental consultants to write us a rehabilitation plan, which includes opportunities for community planting and other important input.
  • We have consulted the community – the Nyungar people, the scientists, local groups, and held a general community open day.

And we have collected seed and assessed prime times for planting – about May/June next year.

We still need to identify what to plant, where and how community can participate in key areas. We are working on all of this and will update you when the management plan is complete.

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