Remediation Works Update, 27 November 2017

Site Handover

  • The Corridor – all 17 or so hectares of it – is shortly being handed back to Main Roads by the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance.
  • Now that fencing, weeding and removal of mulch and asbestos has been completed, the Alliance has done one last check of the site before handover.
  • They discovered that recent rains have unearthed some small remnant pieces of asbestos. So don’t be surprised if you see some suited-up people in protective gear removing any last bits from the site this week.


Web Stats

Thanks for supporting this website. We have provided 4,500 pages of information to 2,000 visitors in the past six months.



We are oh-so-close to finalising the draft Rehabilitation Management Plan, which will guide us through our first year of planting next year, our scientific opportunities, our chances to get involved in citizen science, and so many other surprises in the regrowth of vegetation and fauna. Our consultants are flat out meeting the December deadline for the draft plan and we’re excited to see the culmination of all your input.

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