Remediation Works Update, 7 December 2017

How will we measure our success?

When we start the planting and other rehabilitation work on the Corridor next year, how will we measure our success?

Researchers have been collecting data from monitoring plots across the 17 hectare cleared site and from reference plots in nearby remnant vegetation that is representative of all the vegetation communities previously occurring across the site.

This information will be vital when planning seed collecting or organising seedlings from nurseries for next year’s planting and to develop targets that will demonstrate that the rehabilitation has been successful.

These targets, called completion criteria, will reflect the key attributes identified in the reference sites that characterise that vegetation community.

These may relate to the structure of the vegetation, measures of species diversity, density of key plant species (such as Banksias) or measures that indicate the community is self-sustaining (such as the generation of viable seed).

These sites will be monitored over coming years to track how the site is progressing to what is considered ‘rehabilitation success’.


Thank you

A heartfelt thanks to all who have been involved in our community engagement between August and November. About 210 people provided input through meetings with key stakeholders, engagement with Aboriginal custodians, a community open day and a stakeholder workshop.

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