Remediation Works Update, 10 January 2018

Our Goals For The Year

What do we want to achieve in 2018 for the Corridor?

Firstly, we await the State Government’s decision to scrap the Corridor from the Metropolitan Region Plan. We know that you share this goal, as it was the first question people asked when they came in the door at our public consultation sessions last year. Removing the Corridor from the future road alignment will give us certainty in restoring the Corridor and investing time and effort.

Secondly, we want to wrap up the rehabilitation management plan for the Corridor and outline the priorities for regenerating flora and fauna.

And thirdly, we can provide priority areas for community involvement in planting and weeding.

Talks continue between Main Roads and the City of Cockburn for a land use and funding agreement to allow the local government to take on management of the Corridor in the short to medium term.

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