Remediation Works Update, 24 January 2018

Community Involvement

Over the past six months, we asked residents how they want to be involved in the rehabilitation project for the Corridor?

Responses to this question are listed below. The number in brackets indicates how many different participants gave the same or a similar response.

  • Planting/re-planting (56)
  • Weeding/weed control (42)
  • Citizen science (23)
  • Monitoring (21)
  • Community engagement to inform, discuss and create updates to the Plan (21)
  • Community education related to rehabilitation (20)
  • Community science conference (20)
  • Face-to-face meetings (19)
  • Seed collection (18)
  • Links existing Wetlands Centre events (16)
  • Membership to environmental/landcare groups (15)
  • Site visit (14)
  • Links with existing City of Cockburn events (13)
  • Community surveys (13)
  • Art and photography (12)
  • Visiting Wetlands Centre or Native ARC (12)
  • Weed identification workshops (11)
  • Membership to local community associations (10)
  • Leading/joining wildflower walks (10)
  • Education of young people through the curriculum (5)
  • Scientific research (5)
  • Helping wildlife/Native ARC (2)
  • Community strength groups (theatre/arts) (2)
  • “Tribes” of locals caring for sections near their homes, weeding, planting etc. (2)
  • Creating the Rehabilitation Management Plan (1)
  • Give people seedlings to look after and grow ready for plating next winter (1)
  • Nameplates for the plants – adopt a tree/plant (1)

We look forward to making many of these a reality in 2018. The draft Rehabilitation Management Plan is close to being finalised, and talks continue between Main Roads WA and the City of Cockburn about a land use agreement for the Corridor.

Community Engagement Form

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