Remediation Works Update, 16 February 2018

Seed Collection Underway


A contractor has been engaged to collect native plant seeds from within the Corridor.


The collection from February until April hopes to find everything from Acacia cyclops  to Xylomelum occidentale.


The seeds will be stored, grown into seedlings and planted in the Corridor.


See the full list of seed species here.



How does seed collection work?


Harvesting requirements:


  • Use experienced staff and appropriate storage bags.
  • Ensure minimal impact on ecological resources.
  • Collect only potentially viable seed, free from insect attack, weeds and other foreign matter.
  • Vacuum harvesting techniques only used in weed-free areas or on readily identifiable species which can easily be cleaned down to pure samples.
  • Ensure collected material is kept dry and cool, away from moisture, humidity and insect predation.
  • Refer to Florabank Guidelines for basic collection methods.

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