Remediation Works Update, 21 February 2018

Draft Management Plan Completed

Pictured are the Steering Committee members for the Rehabilitating Roe 8 project at the final meeting on Friday 16 February at the wetlands centre.

We’ve had many meetings and minutes and debates over the past nine months.

The Committee worked with a consultant to draft a 10-year management plan for the Corridor and the plan is now finished!

The next step is to present the draft plan to the Working Group on Friday 2 March.

Steering Committe

Shown are:
Front row Mark Brundrett of DBCA, Bicton MP Lisa O’Malley, consultant Tom Atkinson
Second row CCW Kim Dravnieks, City of Cockburn Deanie Carbon, CCW Felicity Bairstow, City of Cockburn Linda Metz, Main Roads John Braid, consultant Rachel Omodei
Back row Conservation Council and steering committee chair Tim Barling, Main Roads John Robertson and PURSAC Guy Boggs.

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