Remediation Works Update, 7 March 2018

Rehab Plan Approved

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the draft Rehabilitation Management Plan for the Corridor has been completed and is ready to send to the Minister for Transport for her consideration.

Pictured are the Working Group members at the final meeting where they accepted the plan drafted by consultants Emerge Associates and Creating Communities over the past six months.

Mayor Logan Howlett and working group chair Lisa O’Malley are also pictured.

The Minister established the working group in May 2017 to kickstart the rehabilitation of the Corridor, which was cleared to make way for the now halted Roe Highway extension.

The plan has equal reliance on ecological rehabilitation and community involvement.

We are grateful for all your community contributions to make the report a sound and thorough plan for the future.

While we would be proud to share the report with you, it remains confidential until considered by the Minister.

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