Remediation Works Update, 24 May 2018

May Update

Project Manager Matt Oswald has provided the following update on work on the Corridor between February and May 2018:

  • Workpower undertook a late season seed collection for four days in February, with 4.7058 kilograms of seeds collected. This brings the total seed quantity being held for the Corridor to 15.852 kilograms.
  • Oswald Environmental Solutions undertook a targeted weed survey of the project alignment in February 2018 to establish a benchmark for woody weed and declared weed population size assessment, as well as a guide for future weed control efforts.
  • A total of 17,500 native seedlings have been purchased from Native Plants WA nursery for use during 2018. Seedlings inspected in April were of adequate size and quality.
  • Provenance collected Macrozamia, Xanthorrhoea and Xylomelum seed provided to Plantrite Nursery to provide seedlings for supply in winter 2019.
  • SERCUL completed six days of manual weed control and six days of glyphosate spot spraying at the end of March, start of April throughout the Corridor. An inspection of effectiveness was conducted on 4 May.
  • Community events held so far include SERCUL and Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor weed removal on 18 March and CCWC and Friend of Coolbellup Reserve rubbish removal on 5 May.
  • Oswald Environmental Solutions has developed a master species list for each management zone which can be used for future rehabilitation efforts.
  • The following weed control events are programmed by SERCUL – selective treatment of Velt Grass with fusillade at the end of June, glyphosate treatment in August, selective treatment with Fressia and Velt Grass in August.
  • Future planting days are proposed on dates to be advised.

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