Remediation Works Update, 6 June 2018

State Government decision on Roe 8 Corridor welcomed

Lisa O’Malley, Chair of the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Rehabilitation Working Group, today welcomed the State Government’s announcement about removing environment approvals for the Perth Freight Link.

The Bicton MP said this was long-awaited news and cause for celebration.

“When we consulted the community about rehabilitating the Corridor, the first question that people asked was about the status of the road reserve. People were cautious about getting involved in a rehabilitation project if the Corridor could be resumed at any time for a future road. This announcement today is about rebuilding trust, protecting our precious environment and giving the community back its wetlands,” she said.

The working group – a partnership between government and community – has drafted a 10-year rehabilitation management plan for the Corridor, which covers about 17 hectares between the Kwinana Freeway and Stock Road at Bibra Lake, south of Perth. The State Government and City of Cockburn are working on a land use agreement for the City to manage the Corridor and its rehabilitation.

For more information, visit https://www.mediastatements.wa.gov.au/Pages/McGowan/2018/06/Further-protections-for-Beeliar-Wetlands.aspx

In a statement today, the McGowan Labor Government announced further protections to the Beeliar Wetlands by removing approvals put in place by the former government when planning to build the flawed Perth Freight Link.

Main Roads Western Australia has applied to amend environmental approvals for the Perth Freight Link to remove consent to build a road west of Bibra Drive to Stock Road, passing through the Beeliar Wetlands.

The proposed changes will result in a reduction in the land permitted for road construction from 167 hectares (ha) to 81.2 ha.

The remaining 85.8 ha within the project development envelope will be rehabilitated, along with the large sections of vegetation that had been cleared prior to the last election, west of Bibra Drive.

All land owned in freehold by the State Government – north of Hope Road and west of Bibra Drive – will be amalgamated and set aside as an A-Class conservation reserve to be managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

This process will be given priority by the Government and it is likely this will be achieved within the next 12 months.

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