Weed control works continue

SERCUL are back in the corridor undertaking weed control works targeting Perennial Veldt Grass (Erharta calycina).   Perennial Veldt Grass (PVG) is a common weed of bushland that is highly invasive.  Originally from South Africa it was introduced as a forage crop plant and also for erosion control in some areas (Florabase 2018).

PVG is a well known and serious weed of bushland on the Swan Coastal Plain (Hussey et al 2007).   It flowers in spring and produces large amounts of seed which can persist in the soil seed bank for several years .  Late August is the optimum time for chemical control of this species.

Unchecked PVG can contribute to fire hazard by increasing fuel loads as well as reducing biodiversity values.  SERCUL are expected to complete these works over the next few days.Image 10 - Veldt Grasss

More information on PVG can be found by visiting https://florabase.dpaw.wa.gov.au/browse/profile/347



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