Community members busy as bees

While many of us geared up to celebrate Father’s Day community members from the Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor (CCWC) were busy hand weeding in the cleared area of the corridor near Stock Rd and Forrest Rd.

PVG and Hibbertia 1 web
Hibbertia with Perennial Veldt Grass
no PVG and Hibbertia 2 web
Hibbertia with no Perennial Veldt Grass

Hand weeding is a preferred method of weed control in areas where herbicide may result in off target impacts on native flora or where populations of weeds are small and targeted hand weeding can be effective.  Members of CCWC have elected to undertake hand weeding in this area as there is a large number of native plants regenerating.  In addition this approach allows community members of all capacities to get involved.  With dedicated effort the results can be very positive.  A great effort by all.

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