Weeding Warriors

Spring has sprung and it’s time for action!  Join community volunteers from the Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor on Saturday the 29th September for a morning weeding event.

The bushcare team have been working hard hand weeding throughout parts of the corridor.  The volunteers who have been using manual weed control methods have been seeing positive results where this technique has been applied.  Manual hand weeding is a viable option where target weed populations are small and impacts on native plants germinating may be high if using herbicide.

Dischisma arenarium web
*Dischisma arenarium within the site

There are several weeds popping up all along the Corridor at the moment following some good winter and early spring rains including the above Dischisma arenarium and bulbous weeds such as Pink Gladiolus (Gladiolus caryophyllaceus).  Broad weed control targeting many of these weeds will commence soon.

To join the Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor volunteers on the 29th September at from 8am-10am please register here.

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