Weed control works and Particle article

Works will commence next week on controlling weeds within the corridor.  Community members have been busy hand weeding in several areas along the corridor and are now going to receive some additional support from the City.  Contractors will be undertaking herbicide application as of next week targeting a variety of weeds including bulbous weeds, Cape Weed, Blue Lupins and others.

It is hoped this will give our natives the best chance of establishing without having to compete for light, space and nutrients.

Signage will be present around areas where herbicide is being applied.  If you have any questions contact the City of Cockburn on 9411 3444 or email customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au

Restoration of the corridor has tweaked the interest of Particle Magazine.  In an article published this week Guy Boggs from WABSI provides an insight into the objectives of the restoration of the corridor and how we hope to get there.


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