Mapping for the future

As we continue through spring the monitoring activity within the Rehabilitating Roe 8 site continues.  We have already collected monitoring data on the vegetation including percentage cover of native versus non-native species, important species and species richness.

Now we move into getting a better understanding of the range and scope of weed species within the restoration area.

Weed mapping provides a valuable tool to understand how well weeds are being tackled by control methods and if any major weed species are present that may impact on the success of the restoration.

Grassy weed map Feb 2018
Grassy weed map February 2018 (courtesy Emerge 2018)

The Rehabilitation Management Plan (Emerge 2018) undertook some preliminary weed mapping but now each year we will be able to build on mapping activities undertaken during optimal period and so get a real feel for what challenges are ahead in regards to weed management.

For more information on weed management and mapping view the Australian Weed Management Strategy .

Consultants will begin work next week mapping key weed species within the corridor.

For more information please contact Rehabilitating Roe 8 Project Manager.


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