Re-zoning in motion

In a significant moment for the corridor Minister Saffioti tabled the Metropolitan Region Scheme (Beeliar Wetlands) Bill 2018 in State Parliament last week, taking the next step towards ensuring the wetland area is designated site of regional ecological significance.

The long awaited scheme amendment reinforces the rehabilitation works that have been initiated.

Consideration of the appropriate zoning for a portion of land reserved for Primary Regional Roads to the west of North Lake Road will be subject to public consultation on the most appropriate use.  To read more see media statement.

Insect Insights

Invertebrate monitoring has begun in the corridor.  You may notice some stakes with small signs on them.  Please leave them in place as they belong to the invertebrate team who will be installing pitfall traps along transects, as well as using other methods such as sweep netting to collect insects.


Biomonitoring International monitoring stake web
Monitoring stake Biointernational Monitoring


Professor Majer of Biomonitoring International will be holding a insect walk and talk in March 2019.

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