Valuable volunteers

Last week volunteers from the Wetlands Centre Cockburn got up close and personal with the local invertebrate community in the corridor.

Professor Jonathan Majer and local volunteers, Ange, Dougie and Ian were conducting sweep netting of flying insects that live within the different plant communities along the corridor.  Sweep netting compliments the other methods used to sample insect populations.  The volunteers worked over two days, assisting Professor Majer and improving their knowledge.

(L-R) Ian , Professor Majer (front), Dougie and Ange in North Lake Reserve.

Professor Majer was greatly impressed with the commitment and passion for learning that the volunteers demonstrated.   Their contribution allowed for a thorough sampling of the sites both uncleared and cleared.  This information will form part of the invertebrate monitoring report to be produced.  A big thanks!

More volunteer efforts

Another big thank you goes to the Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor bushcare team who again spent their weekend hand weeding grasses and annual weeds before they set seed.  Over 20 bags were filled to capacity.

Seed collection continues

Professional seed collectors are currently picking native seed within the corridor for use in future revegetation efforts within the corridor.  Harvesting of native seed is strictly regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife licencing section and all collectors operating within the corridor are licenced to do so.  Seed collecting activities will continue through the summer months.

For more information on any of the above contact Rehabilitating Roe 8 Project Manager on 9411 3444 or by email.

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