Corridor Clean-up

Building waste, concrete, roof tiles and glass was just some of the rubbish collected this week in the corridor.  Sadly it seems that the practise of dumping rubbish is alive and well around the corridor.  The City and community members ask locals to be vigilant in regards to illegal rubbish dumping anywhere in the City.

Rubbish dumping contributes to high levels of costs to rate payers, not to mention the detrimental impact to the environment.  Much of this waste can be easily disposed of through proper means such as verge collections or at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

Over 8m3 of rubble and rubbish was removed within one part of the corridor alone.  If you see anyone dumping rubbish contact the City of Cockburn or report suspicious activity to the Pollution Watch Hotline 1300 784 782 (24 hours) or via pollution watch


Rubbish collected and removed from Roe 8 Corridor this week.

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