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The inaugural Rehabilitating Roe 8 E-newsletter will be launched on Monday 11th March 2019 and will provide a snap shot of current activities, events and volunteer opportunities within the corridor.  To receive a copy of this E-newsletter simply follow the link here and sign up.  We hope to keep you all informed about what’s happening and provide an avenue for information sharing.

One of the featured items in the E-newsletter is the Gardening Australia visit to the corridor last year.  To watch tune into Gardening Australia on 15 March at 7.30pm on ABC.

Gardening Australia film crew in the corridor last year.

In other news there was some damage this week to fences and gate within the southern section of the corridor bounded by Stock and Forrest Rd.  Repairs have been undertaken and we hope this will be the last time this occurs.  There was some minor damage to some of the plants which were run over.  The City takes this type of damage seriously and you can expect to see increased levels of Ranger patrols in response.

Weed control works in Malvolio Bushland.

Letters will be sent to residents notifying them of weed control works within the section of the corridor bounded by Malvolio Rd.  There are large stands of Geraldton Wax and Flinders Range Wattle that will be removed as part of the rehabilitation activities.  This will include using chainsaws to cut down these large weeds.  Works are expected to commence on the 15th March for two days.


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