Righting the wrongs

The Gardening Australia segment :”Righting the Wrongs” was aired last Friday night.  The segment was well received by many who were involved in the protests and who are  now looking to see the recovery of this special site.  If you missed it view here.

Community Feedback Sessions

This coming week two community engagement sessions will be run at the Wetlands Centre Cockburn.  These sessions will help guide how success of the project is measured going forward as well as making sure that levels of awareness and involvement are being optimised.  The two sessions –Aboriginal Community Engagement Session (open to all Noongar community members) will be on the 27th March and the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committee session will be on the 29th March.  Results will be posted on this site in coming months.

Weed removal in Malvolio Bushland

Another wrong was addressed this week in Malvolio bushland with the removal of a large stand of Geraldton Wax and Flinders Range Wattles.  These two species are likely to have been planted many years ago and have slowly increased their foothold.  Contractors worked carefully to remove and chip the weeds while trying to minimise impact on the few natives in amongst the cluster. The site will be planted with additional native plants this coming winter.

For information on any of the above please contact Linda at the City of Cockburn.


Malvolio Bushland after removal of Geraldton Wax and Flinders Range Wattles



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