Kids go batty!

It was a windy Saturday night but that didn’t deter keen fauna night stalkers on our bat night stalk. Over thirty people attended the bat night stalk with experienced guide Joe Tonga from Natsync. Joe showed off his fine array of specialist detection equipment including echo-locators and UV torches, with kids able to share this equipment while seeking out insects, frogs and bats.

Gould’s Wattle Bat on display for bat night stalk participants. Photo credit -Erin Waller.

Micro bats such as Gould’s Wattle Bats inhabit areas surrounding wetlands and bushland as their favorite food are mosquitoes and midges. Specially design bat nest boxes are located within the Roe 8 corridor and at Bibra Lake to help encourage local bat populations as they contribute to the local ecology and also to reducing numbers of nuisance midge.

It was fantastic to see so many people venturing out into the bushland for a night time excursion-the kids loved it.