Community effort saw 1,500 plants installed over the last 5 days!

Between a local homeschool group last Thursday, a community planting event with over 50 volunteers on Saturday morning and 45 year 1 and 2 students from Spearwood Primary School this morning, we installed over 1,500 native seedlings in the previously cleared bushland on the corner of Coolbellup Ave and Forrest Road in Coolbellup as part of Rehabilitating Roe 8.

Some of the kids even lovingly painted the biodegradable cardboard tree guards with inspirational drawings and messages, setting intentions for the rehabilitation site.

The cardboard guards will be protecting our precious little seedlings from threats such as accidental trampling and hungry rabbits and also aid with watering and weed control. As they are a relatively new product, we are looking forward to seeing how they will be holding up but already think that they are a great improvement over the single-use plastic guards commonly used in rehabilitation projects.

Keep an eye out when you are next coming past Forrest Road and have a look at all the amazing work our community have put in to start rehabilitating this site! ‘Well done‘ to all involved!