Adopt a Wildlife Hydration Station!

Do you go for regular bush walks in the corridor? If so, consider adopting a Wildlife Hydration Station to help our wildlife out over summer!

Local community members and regular bush walkers have already become custodians of several Wildlife Hydration Stations across the corridor by keeping shallow water dishes topped up and maintained.

If this is something you’d like to become involved in, contact us and we can set up a Wildlife Hydration Station along your regular route! All you need to do is bring some extra water with you to top it up and give it an occasional scrub (brush will be provided and kept on site).

You can also buddy up with others and adopt a station together!

A Wildlife Hydration Station in the corridor, which is being maintained by the local community

Remember: The best way to care for our local wildlife is to plant and protect native plants. Locally native plants offer our wildlife food and shelter. We can also support our wildlife by providing access to clean drinking water, which animals may not be able to safely access due to habitat fragmentation.

Feeding wildlife is illegal and ‘human foods’ are unfortunately very unhealthy for our wildlife. Even though they may seem to enjoy it and their tummies might feel full, native animals are not able to get the nutrients their bodies need from human food. This can make them sick and even lead to ongoing stomach problems, diseases and weak beaks and bones.

So play it safe by not feeding wildlife, offering wildlife access to clean water and keeping dogs on a leash in the corridor, so it this beautiful space can be safely enjoyed by all.

Interested in adopting a Wildlife Hydration Station? Get in touch!