Fourth round of annual aerial mapping about to commence

It’s time for our annual vegetation mapping again, so you may see a drone buzzing over the corridor over the coming days!

A specialised drone operator will be capturing high resolution near-infrared and RGB imagery of the vegetation across the corridor. Using special software called Emapper, the data collected via drone will enable us to compare changes to vegetation cover, height and health and helps us to understand how well the different revegetation areas across the corridor are regenerating.

This is the fourth year of aerial vegetation mapping, so we are starting to gain a comprehensive idea of how the revegetation is tracking across the different zones.

A drone capturing high resolution images in the corridor.

The collected data will also highlight which areas in the corridor may need some extra attention, for example installation of additional plants as infill planting next winter.

It’s fantastic to be able to utilise the advances in technology to help our bushland to regenerate!

Emapper founder Julian Kruger spoke at our Healing the Lands conference this year, so if you’d like to find out more about the the restoration platform they developed to host spatially enabled enviornmental data, head here to read more and watch a recording of their presentation!