Land Management and Works Update

A very busy and productive time in the corridor!

  • Powerline pruning occurred by Western Power contractor in April. Contractor was met by DBCA representative and Rehabilitating Roe 8 Project Manager to ensure minimal damage and disturbance of native vegetation.
  • Annual weeds are appearing after two recent rainfall events. Contractor has been engaged to begin weed control.
  • A large limb has fallen from the Jarrah on the corner of Cooby Av/Forrest Road. Contractor will prune and remove smaller branches and leave limb in situ as habitat.
  • Fence repairs completed on western side of Malvolio Rd and in S7. Gate repaired on Bibra Drive.
  • Universal Access Gate installed on Malvolio as per Path Network Plan, plus moving redundant Malvolio hop-over to the corner of Hope and Progress.
  • Limestone path in Malvolio bushland will soon be re-rolled by the contractor. This will repair damage done by water truck.
  • Rabbit control planned for late May, as per contractor advice. To be coordinated in conjunction with control in adjacent DBCA and City of Cockburn Land.
  • Cat and fox control planned for early June in the corridor. Please be sure to keep cats away from bushland area and secured on your property. 
Weed control program started for perennial Veldt grass, North Lake Road