Frequently Asked Questions

What will the cost be?

As part of the State Governments commitment to rehabilitating this area the State will ensure funding is available to support the implementation of the Rehabilitation Management Plan.

This includes a range of rehabilitation activities and community engagement actions. It is anticipated that the program will cost several million dollars over a 10 year period.

Who will be looking after this space?

The City of Cockburn has entered into a land management agreement with Main Roads for the next three years for the corridor. The land itself remains under the control of the State.

Current vesting for the area is a road reserve. The Beeliar Wetlands Bill (2021) has passed in the lower house but still needs to pass through the upper house.  This bill would make an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme that would see part of the road reserve re-zoned to Parks and Recreation and incorporated into the Beeliar Regional Park. The future zoning of the remainder of the site is yet to be determined.

For more information about the bill visit:

What is the timing for the Rehabilitation Plan?

The Rehabilitation Management Plan is a 10 year plan with works commencing in 2018.  Activities like weed control, fire break installation, vegetation and fauna monitoring have been completed or are underway.

Activities like guided cultural walks, bat night stalks and planting events are available to all members of the public to join.  To view upcoming events visit whats’on or City of Cockburn events page.

Who do I call if I see rubbish being dumped or other activity?

Please contact the City of Cockburn Customer Service Team 9411 3444 or email

Alternatively if you see illegal activity such as dirt bikes or 4WD please contact the City’s Ranger Services on 9411 3444 during business hours. After hours contact CoSafe on 1300 26 72 33.

Is this still a road reserve?

Yes it is.

The McGowan Labor Government has created an A-Class conservation reserve within parts of the Beeliar Regional Park. 

First flagged in mid-2018, all land owned in freehold by the State Government – north of Hope Road and west of Bibra Drive – will be amalgamated and set aside as a conservation reserve to be managed by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. The Beeliar Wetlands Bill (2021) which would allow parts of the road reserve to be rezoned to Parks and Recreation under the Metropolitan Region Scheme has passed the lower house but still needs to pass through the upper house.

How will weeds and other issues be managed and by whom?

The City as part of it agreement with Main Roads will undertake land management activities such as ensuring firebreaks are maintained, weeds are controlled, gates and fences are maintained. In addition the City has appointed a Project Manager who is responsible for implementing all aspects of the Rehabilitation Management Plan.

How will Traditional Owners be involved?

The Traditional Owners have been engaged through the development of the 10 year  Rehabilitation Management Plan. The Project Manager will regularly inform the City of Cockburn Aboriginal Reference Group and the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council about activities within the corridor. In addition the Aboriginal Reference Group and South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council have representatives on the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committee.

How will the community members be involved in the decision making?

The Rehabilitation Management Plan (RMP) has established a community based advisory committee to help oversee and provide input into the implementation and delivery of the RMP. The Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committee commenced in February 2019 and meets monthly.  Membership on the committee has a two year tenure.  All meeting agendas and minutes are available to download.

How can community get involved?

Every year a range of community events will be held in the corridor including guided cultural walks, bat night stalks, planting events and community open day.  Events are published on What’s On and also on the City of Cockburn events page.

Two community planting events will be held in winter. These events and others like it will allow people to feel connected with this space. At any time community members are welcome to contact the Project Manager for more information.

In addition the Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor regularly holds weeding and landcare mornings in the corridor.

Who do I speak to if I want more information?

If you require information at any time contact the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Project Manager at the City of Cockburn 9411 3444 or email