10 April 2023

Cockburn lands off-grid bird waterer – Inside Local Government

11 March 2023

To guard or not to guard – a question for seedling survival in restoration projects

Bushland News Issue 125 Autumn 2023 (

26 October 2022

Roe 8 (West) and Roe 9 Corridor Planning Study – Draft Concept Plan – WA DPLH – Citizen Space

1 December 2021

Permanant protection for Beeliar Wetlands

Bushland News issue 119 Spring 2021 (

5 August 2021

The McGowan Government has delivered on its election commitment to permanently protect the Beeliar Wetlands, with legislation passing the Legislative Council:

Media Statement 5 Aug 2021 – Metropolitan Region Scheme (Beeliar Wetlands) Bill 2021 passed Legislative Council

Fremantle Herald

8 May 2020

Report on citizen science fauna project in the corridor in partnership with Greening Australia.

Bushland News

December 2019

Greening Australia and RR8 fauna citizen science program.  A workshop was held on the 26th December, with volunteers keen to learn about monitoring fauna.  Motion cameras were erected in key locations and vegetation data collected.  Results will complement the fauna monitoring being undertaken by Mike Bamford and team.

Corporate Tree Day Challenge

June 2019

World Environment Day celebration with Corporate Tree Planting Challenge. Hosted by Conservation Volunteers Australia and Rehabilitating  Roe 8 project.

The Southwestern snake-necked turtle
June 2019

A Channel 9 interview with Murdoch PHD student Anthony Santoro and Jane Chambers from NatureLink Perth.

WALGA EnviroNews
March 2019

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committee held its inaugural meeting on 19 February, outlining its aims for the next 12 months.

Apart from planting 45,000 seedlings within the corridor, the committee is planning a community open day on Sunday, 14 April, an Aboriginal heritage survey, plus installation of walk trails and signage.

Channel 9 News Perth
31 March 2019

The controversial ROE 8 project is back in the spotlight, despite being canned two years ago.

Canberra is willing to put more than a billion dollars on the table to resurrect the project but the State Government says that won’t happen.

Bushland News, Autumn 2019

Bushland NewsThe City of Cockburn has begun implementing the Rehabilitating Roe 8 project on behalf of the community and State Government. The ‘Roe 8’ extension of Roe Highway was a high profile project for Western Australia that resulted in the removal of approximately 18 hectares of native vegetation in Bibra Lake, North Lake and Coolbellup prior to the suspension of the project in March 2017.

Plan For Our Parks Media Release, 20 February 2019

State Government vision to include part of Roe 8 corridor into Beeliar Regional Park.

3 August 2017 Media Release

ROE 8 Corridor is a place to treasure, not trespass

Residents along the Roe 8 Corridor are being asked to report any suspicious behaviour on the regrowth site after weekend incidents where trail bikes and four wheel drives tore up part of the area.

Lisa OMalley, Bicton MP and Chair of the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group, said it was disappointing that not everyone valued the Corridor.

“We want to treasure this place, not trespass,” she said.

In the latest incident, two men in a white four-wheel drive sped through an area of the Corridor near Malvolio Road and North Lake Road, Coolbellup, creating circles in the soil.

A scientist photographing the regrowth took photos of the men and their car and handed them to Police and City of Cockburn community security service CoSafe.

“This type of incident is dangerous to human life and will delay the rehabilitation of this precious site,” Ms O’Malley said

“The high construction fences may look ugly, but they are there for a reason – to keep vehicles out. We have ordered lower conservation-style fencing and this will be installed soon.”

The Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group, made up of government agencies and community groups, has been working with contractors to remove asbestos and weeds and to monitor the regrowth. A fencing strategy has been signed off, and a consultant to draft the 10-year rehabilitation plan should be appointed by mid-August.

For more information, visit

Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious behaviour to Police on (08) 9430 1222 or CoSafe on 1300 26 72 33


19 May 2017 Media Release

ROE 8 Remediation Works Start

Community groups are working together with the government to rehabilitate the cleared areas from the construction of Roe 8. The Alliance contractors are to commence initial remediation work to make the site safe before a decision is made on the long term management of the area.

“The public should be assured that activity that they will see in the coming weeks will be the remediation of the Roe 8 site and not for the Murdoch Drive Connection project.” said new Bicton MLA Lisa O’Malley.

Since the suspension of works after the election, the Community Wildlife Corridor association and the City of Cockburn met with Ministers and MPs to discuss the rehabilitation of the road reserve.

Ms O’Malley continued “It is pleasing to see that after that meeting our new government has been quick to form the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group, which I currently chair.”

“The group are now meeting weekly in my office to plan the rehabilitation.”

This group comprises representatives from the Minister of Transport and Minister of Environment, local MPs City of Cockburn, Conservation Council of WA, Community Wildlife Corridor, Aboriginal custodians, Cockburn Wetlands Centre, Dept of Parks and Wildlife, Office of the EPA, Main Roads WA and the Alliance.

“Works will be starting from Monday 22 May for weed management as well as the removal of any remaining asbestos. The mulch piles will also be removed to a temporary holding site near Kwinana Freeway rather than spread, as experts advised they would inhibit the natural regrowth.” said Ms O’Malley

“The temporary worksite fences are planned to be removed, or replaced with low key conservation fence fences to limit damage to regrowth, and allowing the public to once again access the sites.

The Working Group is being supported by rehabilitation scientists and experienced on-ground practitioners while working on a long term strategic plan, with monitoring regrowth this year and preparing for revegetation planting to start in 2018.

“Thanks to DPaW and the Cockburn Wetlands Centre, a community planting day has been organised at Horse Paddock Swamp, which is adjacent to the cleared area near Hope Road on Sunday June 18,” said Co-Convenor of the Community Wildlife Corridor, Kim Dravnieks  “as many community members were very keen to undertake some planting this year.”