Panel Discussion

An interactive panel discussion was held at the end of the Hands Healing the Land Conference and the panel members discussed the following questions:

  1. What  are the current challenges in caring for our flora and fauna?
  2. How are people making a difference in their communities?
  3. What changes are needed for the future?
The Panel discussion was hosted by MC Dr Lucy Commander.
Panel Members: Kate Sputore (Perth NRM), Associate Professor Rachel Standish (Murdoch University), Amy Krupa (SERCUL), Karen Clarke (DBCA), Oral McGuire (Gundi Consulting)

The audience was invited to chime in live via the interactive Mentimeter software. Take a look at the key take-home messages submitted by the attendees at the end of the day, as well as the illustrations Craig from CAM graphics drew to capture the discussion.

Illustrations created by Craig Miskell (CAM graphics)