Path Network Plan

Rehabilitating Roe 8 (RR8) Path Network Plan

About the Project

Rehabilitating Roe 8 (RR8) is a community-led restoration project which will incorporate a system of well-defined paths creating an off-road link between Bibra Drive in the east to Southwell Crescent in the west. The RR8 corridor covers approximately 4.5km of land which is highly valued by the local community and has important ecological and Indigenous cultural heritage values.
The formalised corridor pathway network will enable passive recreational use, providing community spaces for the enjoyment of significant biological diversity and cultural education.
The intent of this project is to undertake community and stakeholder consultation to determine the most appropriate user groups, route and design including surface treatment for the corridor pathway network, with consideration of sustainability, safety, and connectivity.

Project Objectives 

Facilitate a strong interconnected pathway network
• Provide access between key land uses
• Ensure the safety of all users
• Create well signed and legible routes
• Provide path infrastructure that facilitates use

The Corridor

The Path Network Plan is focused on the RR8 Corridor between Bibra Drive in the east and Southwell Crescent in the west as shown on the map below.

Where are we at?

Consultants from Tredwell Management facilitated a workshop with the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committe members in March 2021, where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the individual zones of the corridor were discussed.

An Online Community Survey was also released and during March (closing date COB 30 April 2021) to explore what types of paths community members would like to see across the corridor and invitations were advertised via the local Gazette, posters across the corridor, as well as an invitation sent out to all members of the RR8 e-newsletter mailing list. Over 130 responses were received and and the consultants are currently analysing the feedback.

The consultants will hold a meeting with the City of Cockburn in May 2021 to ensure that the RR8 Path Network Plan will tie in with existing and proposed plans and a draft concept plan will then be developed and provided to the RR8 Advisory Committee for feedback.

Invitations to participate in the Online Community Survey were displayed across the corridor

Tredwell Management facilitated a workshop with the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committee in March 2021 to gather input into the Path Network Plan

For further information regarding the Path Network Plan, please contact Tredwell Management on 08 8234 6387 or email