Path Network Plan

Rehabilitating Roe 8 (RR8) Path Network Plan

A section of the Roe 8 corridor in ‘Forrest Road North’

The Path Network Plan for the corridor has been developed in close collaboration with the community over the past year and will incorporate a system of well-defined paths, creating a link between Bibra Drive in the east and Southwell Crescent in the west.

The Path Network Plan will offer a range of both formalised limestone tracks and sandy, informal tracks and utilise existing paths. Several existing tracks have been identified for revegetation.

Implementation of the plan will be a staged approach over the coming years. The first step of the implementation of the plan will connect the existing, wide limestone tracks around the perimeter in the Malvolio bushland in zone ‘North Lake Roads West’ by formalising the eastern section of the existing central sandy track.

Stage one of the implementation of the Path Network Plan will include formalising the existing central sandy path in the eastern section of the North Lake Road West bushland. A narrow, compacted limestone path will be installed along the existing alignment.

The Paths will enable passive recreational use while providing the community with a space for enjoying significant biological diversity and cultural education.

Invitations to participate in the Online Community Survey were displayed across the corridor and attracted 130 responses from the community.
Consultants from Tredwell Management facilitated a workshop with the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Advisory Committee in March 2021 to gather input into the Path Network Plan

Rehabilitating Roe 8 – Path Network Plan