Land Management and Works Update

Land management and works occurring over the March to May 2023 period:

Weed and vegetation management

  • CCWC fortnightly weeding and mapping in S7 ongoing
  • Several large Acacia iteaphylla treated with ‘cut and paint’ method, Tuart and Biara zones
  • Pruning of trees bordering properties on Northern side of Malvolio bushland completed
  • Non-selective weed control started
  • Woody Meadow area of Turtle Corner has been ripped ready for planting
  • Watering of seedlings finished for the season

Land Management and rehabilitation

  • New fence installed to stop bike damage, Matilda Birkett Reserve
  • Fence moved in Tuart zone to better align with cleared area
  • Shade cloth fitted to fence along Stock Road to stop weed seed incursion
  • Logs placed around water troughs in Malvolio bushland to deter dogs drinking/bathing
  • Limestone track fully completed, North Lake East
  • NAMS carried out rubbish removal along Forrest Road, Stock Road and North Lake Road verges
  • Fence repaired, Jarrah zone
  • Hop-over repaired, Tuart zone
  • Fallen tree over track removed, Biara zone
  • Cockitrough bird waterer installed, first off-grid one in Perth – Cockburn lands off-grid bird waterer – Inside Local Government
  • 7 bee hotels installed, one in each zone (except Booyi)
  • Fox control completed. Two adult male foxes were trapped and humanely euthanised

Science and Education

  • Nyungar women’s weaving event 2 April
  • Community questionnaire closed on 7 April
  • Hearts Healing the Land Conference 2 May
  • Adam Peck took conference attendees on a ‘Tour of the Dor’ 3 May
  • Adam Peck and Eddie van Etten took ECU students on a tour of the corridor 10 May
  • Adam Peck presented at the Revegetation Industry Association of Western Australia (RIAWA) conference 11 May
  • Community Planting Day 10 June at Tait Place, Coolbellup
Bee hotel, Tuart zone. Photo credit: Adam Peck
Cockitrough installation, Jarrah zone
Tour of the Dor, Tuart zone, 3 May 2023. Photo credit: Adam Peck
Red Wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata) using the Cockitrough. Photo credit: Heather Thorning