Land Management and Works Update

Land management and works occurring over the February to March 2023 period:

Weed and vegetation management

  • CCWC fortnightly weeding and mapping in S7 ongoing
  • Regular watering of seedlings
  • Recalcitrant species and difficult to source seedlings in nursery are doing well.

Land Management and rehabilitation

  • New kangaroo gate and replacement vehicle access gate installed, North Lake Rd East
  • Construction of limestone path in North Lake Road East nearly completed
  • Three feral bee hives treated in Stock Road West
  • Lots of roadside rubbish removed on 5/3/23, along Forrest Road
  • All native bee hotels have been built and will be installed in the corridor soon. Would you like to assist in monitoring for our native bees?

Science and Education

  • Adam Peck (project manager) gave a school tour to John Curtin SHS group, facilitated by Dr Catherine Baudains (Advisory Committee Member)
  • Clean Up Australia Day – Sunday, 5 March 2023 at Forrest Road and Stock Road intersection.
Limestone being delivered for path Location: North Lake Road East. Photo credit: Adam Peck
Calytrix fraseri planted in winter 2022 flowering. Location: Turtle Corner. Photo credit: Adam Peck

Clean Up Australia Day with Bush Tucker! Location: Stock Road West. Photo Credit: Adam Peck