2022 was jam packed with fun events and we thank everyone who attended to make them a success! Twelve events were delivered in all, with Nyungar themed events, community planting days and much more.

Community members at the Native seed collecting course delivered by APACE in November 2022

We will be back with more events in February 2023. Save the date Sunday February 12, 10am to midday. This will be a humdinger, with Dr Kit Prendergast giving a talk on native bee ecology. We will also be making bee hotels to install in the corridor, a great learning opportunity for you to use in your home garden. Another big date will be Tuesday May 2, with a full day conference ‘Hearts Healing the Land’ at Tompkins on Swan. Look out for tickets these two events becoming available in mid-January. Subscribe to our newsletter on this link to avoid missing out!

In the meantime, please head out to the corridor independently and take part in our citizen science bird monitoring project, which we launched in collaboration with BirdLife WA. Cockburn Community Wildlife (CCWC) also meet regularly for weeding and watering events in the corridor. Beat the heat and head out to the corridor in the early morning or late afternoon, when birds are most active, and carry out a bird survey to help us better understand which birds call the corridor their home.

A big ‘THANK YOU!‘ to all who participated in our community and school planting events in 2022!

Moojar/Nuytsia floribunda. Image credit: Adam Peck

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