Community questionnaire outcomes

The results from the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Community Questionnaire  are in.  The questionnaire was designed to help inform how the project is progressing against the community engagement and involvement objectives within the Rehabilitating-Roe-8-Rehabilitation-Management-Plan(Emerge 2018).

The key areas data was collected on was:
 Demographics
 Project Awareness
 Satisfaction
 Logo/Branding
 Involvement
 Importance
 Receipt of information
 Likelihood of project involvement

Overall 62.9% of respondents gave a satisfied –very satisfied response.  Satisfaction for mailing list respondents was the highest for sense of community ownership in the area, the overall project and cultural recognition of the Nyungar people. Dissatisfaction was highest for signage in the area and the provision of paths and trails in the area.

Paths will be open for community consultation in  the coming months as a path network plan is developed.