New nest boxes in the corridor!

Great news! We installed 10 nesting boxes for pardalotes across the Rehabilitating Roe 8 corridor yesterday.

What are pardalotes, I hear you say?

Pardalotes are one of the smallest of all Australian birds. As they feed mostly on sap-sucking insects that live on leaves, these tiny feathered fluffballs spend most of their time high up in the canopy of eucalyptus trees and can be a little hard to spot.

Joe Tonga about to install a custom-built nest box for pardalotes

The nest boxes will provide additional nesting habitat for Spotted pardalotes (Pardalotus punctatus) and Striated pardalotes (Pardalotus striatus), both of which have been recorded in the corridor during our last vertebrate survey. The Spotted pardalote was recorded as a ‘regular visitor’ and we hope that their status will change to ‘resident’.

Fingers crossed they’ll be moving in soon!

Spotted pardalote (Pardalotus striatus). These birds are only the size of a leaf and can be tricky to spot!