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Do you use the Wildlife Corridor?

From your favourite past time, places to walk, your secret spot to see wildlife or great photos you’ve taken of the Corridor’s plants and animals – we want you to share your stories and experiences!

Tag #corridorlife on your socials to let us know what you love about the Wildlife Corridor. You can also leave us a story or comment below about how you are experiencing #corridorlife.

Keep an eye out for our #corridorlife pop-up walk trail to learn more about the Corridor’s local residents.

Rehabilitating Roe 8 is a state government funded project in partnership with community and local government.

4 thoughts on “Corridor Life”

  1. It’s incredibly moving to come back and visit after two years being away and see the incredible growth in the corridor. It feels like a miracle and I’m so grateful for it. The corridor is brimming with life and this is because of the community that love it and care for it. Banksias are flowering. It is so beautiful! With love and gratitude. Nandi

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