Remediation Works Update, 4 October 2017

Fencing Facts

What? About 5,800 metres of conservation-style fencing is being installed throughout the Corridor. A further 1,800 metres of fencing to be installed in the wetlands area between Bibra Drive and Progress Drive that will incorporate fauna mesh to ensure that the regrowth is protected from rabbits. All of the fencing has been designed to incorporate pedestrian access points as well as vehicle access gates to enable access for emergency services and other agencies. The location of fencing has been developed by the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group, in consultation with the community.

When? Work started in September, with completion planned by November 2018.

Why? The fencing is being installed to protect the regrowth of vegetation by preventing access by vehicles and rabbits.

How? We install the conservation-style fencing by driving timber posts and strainers at various points, including where the fence changes direction. We add star pickets which are joined by strings of wire and ringlock mesh.

The fauna fence is similar, except that it incorporates fine mesh buried in the ground to prevent access for rabbits.

Bobcats and utes are required to install the fences. To minimise damage to regrowth, the access routes traversed by the fencing contractors are agreed with independent environmental representatives prior to accessing the sites.

Where? Works are essentially complete in the areas around Malvolio Road, as well as the corner of Stock Road and Forrest Road.

Works are ongoing in the area near Sebastian Crescent and will be complete in the coming week.

Work has started in the area between North Lake Road and Progress Drive.

Works will then be undertaken in the area south of Forrest Road (between Stock Road and Coolbellup Avenue) as well as the wetlands area.

Who? The works are being undertaken by specialist fencing sub-contractors on behalf of the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance (MRIA).


Want to know more?

  • The Rehabilitating Roe 8 Working Group fencing sub-committee reviewed each section of the Corridor independently and developed localised planning for fence locations.
  • It was determined that fences in the south-west section Forrest Road/Stock Road and south of Forrest Rd should mostly only cover the cleared areas, leaving other outside bush open for the public to access.
  • The section on the north east corner of Forrest/Stock Road and bounded by Sebastian Cres went out for public consultation, which determined that the fences should be along perimeter areas with gates allowing access for public. Chicane barriers will be placed at each end of the footpath that runs through the site to allow all ability accessibility.
  • Small sections east and west of Coolbellup Avenue were deemed too small to fence but will still be rehabilitated.
  • East of Coolbellup Avenue to North Lake Road, again had public consultation which determined that the fences should be along perimeter areas with gates allowing access for public.
  • The section between North Lake Road and Progress Drive will have perimeter fencing with public access top and bottom as well as from the cul de sacs.
  • The Wetlands section between Hope Road and Bibra Lake Drive will see the ‘kissing gate’ and fence permanently re-installed at the centre of Hope Rd and several sections of temporary rabbit-proof fences installed. These will be dug into the ground, away from existing trees and will allow fauna to move around them but not inside. They will be outside the power line stands enabling Western Power access as required.
  • All fence alignments have been approved by City of Cockburn and FESA for fire access. Some access paths will be inside the fence lines with appropriate vehicle access gates. In some areas, limestone has been retained at these access points to restrict bogging problems and help with dieback control. Other fire tracks will be outside the fence lines.

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