Remediation Works Update, 11 October 2017

Doing nothing for a purpose

What if we “do nothing” on certain parts of the Corridor? So we can best measure restoration outcomes, it may be necessary to set aside some land as “scientific controls?”

This may include watching how some cleared areas respond with no or low intervention as well as not conducting weed control in some parts of the corridor that were not cleared.  While we weed and plant and measure the remainder of the 17 hectares of the Corridor, the intention is to leave some land unattended.  By definition, a control helps scientists observe changes. It allows us to examine how nature regrows the land without any human intervention.



See the latest photos here, showing fencing going up along Progress Drive, Forrest Road and North Lake Road.


Rehabilitation Management Plan

Our consultants Emerge Associates have begun mapping and making sense of the area that is to be rehabilitated. They are identifying key features like fences, tracks, weed populations and areas of regrowth. They are working with our scientists to define target ecosystems to be re-established, determine what needs to be monitored and what a healthy, restored Corridor might look like.


Community consultation

Watch this space for consultation opportunities in November, once dates and venues are finalised.

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