Weed Management Priorities

One of the key aspects of landcare and best practise land management is the control of weeds.  Nationally the cost of controlling weeds and their impacts is over $4 billion dollars (Invasive Plants and Animals Committee 2016, Australian Weeds Strategy 2017 to 2027, Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Canberra).

Managing threats is a key component of the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Rehabilitation Management Plan, and so as on ground weed control works have been conducted so to has mapping for weeds across the site so to better focus management strategies and resources.

Weed mapping works within the cleared areas and 20m buffer surrounding them was completed late in 2018.  The report will now help guide targeted weed control actions.

Garden dumping has been identified as one of the contributing factors to weed spread within the corridor.  Garden clippings and pruning’s should be placed in the green lid bin or collected as part of the green waste verge collection.

other weed map image
Map of weeds within section of Roe 8 corridor (courtesy Natural Area Management)

Volunteers will be working to target some of these weeds during February.  Contractors will also be engaged in weed control activities.

For more information on how you can help fight the spread of weeds contact the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Project Manager.


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