Expo showcase and getting spiked!

The Rehabilitating Roe 8 project was showcased last week at a special gathering of organisations and Friends of Groups within the Perth Region for the Friends of Group Expo organised by the South West Group.  The line up included presenters from Kings Park Science, Birdlife WA and Tangaroa BlueCockburn Community Wildlife Corridor Convenor Sally Marsh gave a passionate overview of her groups inception and involvement with the Roe 8 story.  An overview of the Rehabilitation Management Plan was also showcased.

In other news works commenced this week in removing some of our prickly invaders.  Agave americana also known as Century Plant, is a succulent weed native to Mexico.  It is a perennial with large rosettes of stiff, spine- tipped leaves with numerous teeth.

Agave picture web
Agave (Century Plant) located along Sebastian Cres


It is very difficult to control with herbicide or even manually as it poses a injury risk for anyone who should be unfortunate enough to be stuck by one of the spines.

Works have commenced to remove this weed from locations within the corridor using mechanical means.  This is a fast, effective method that can minimise damage to surrounding vegetation and harm to people.  More of these infestations will be removed over the coming weeks.  Conservation Volunteers will be working again next week with hand weeding.

For more information about activities in the corridor please contact the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Project Manager on 9411 3444 or email customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au




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