Planting season well under way

Planting season is well and truly under way. We are aiming to install close to 90,000 native seedlings across the corridor this winter, making this Rehabilitating Roe 8’s biggest year for revegetation!

As we needed such a huge number of plants, we engaged six different nurseries to grow these seedlings for us, mostly from local seeds that had been collected either in the corridor or from suitable bushland within a maximum of 50km radius. Sourcing local seeds wherever possible ensures that plants are well adapted to the specific local conditions and have the best possible chances of surviving and thriving. We refer to these plants as ‘provenance’ seedlings.

A variety of native tubestock ready to go for a planting event in the corridor

Our contractors are working tirelessly rain hail or shine (and COVID-19 restrictions permitting) to get the our lovingly-grown seedlings into the ground over the wet winter months of June and July. However, all this work couldn’t be achieved without the community helping us out!

We kicked the planting season off with a corporate planting event on World Environment Day on 5 June, carrying out some infill planting in the North Lake Road East zone in Bibra Lake.

Planting contractors preparing the site for tubestock installation in zone Stock Road West
The staff from Wattleup business Complete Hire & Sales joined us together with their families for a planting event on World Environment Day in the corridor.

A bunch of incredibly dedicated volunteers braved the very wet and windy conditions during our first community planting event on Sunday 20 June south of Tait Place in Coolbellup. A big ‘thank you!’ to all who joined!

This week’s planting event, which was scheduled for Saturday morning 3 July has been postponed until after the school holidays to Saturday 24 July, in light of the current lockdown and uncertainties around restrictions after Friday.

However, currently being in lockdown makes us look forward to the planting event even more and elder Marie Taylor will be welcoming us to country on the morning, so come and join us and don’t forget to register via the link below.

We are aiming to install 2,000 plants on the the morning, so every pair of helping hands counts!