Bird enthusiasts gather on the Roe 8 Corridor

Last Saturday, 20 people attended the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Guided Bird Walk. It was a glorious sunny day, with Dr Tegan Douglas leading the way. Tegan explained how to focus binoculars, to which one person said:

I’ve had these binoculars for years and now I finally know how to use them!

As the walk continued around Malvolio Road bushland, there was a range of different individuals and species sighted!

Bird species seen included:

To learn more about the bird species observed in the corridor, click on the species links that will guide you to the Birdlife profile for each individual species and provides information on identifying features, distribution, habitat and behaviour.

After the walk finished, attendees stopped for morning tea and a chat with Tegan and Adam about the birdlife in the corridor. Overall, it was a relaxing morning, observing the natural inhabitants in the corridor.

Community members in Malvolio Road Bushland looking for birds high in the tree tops.
Photo Credit: Adam Peck