Land Management and Works Update

Land management and works occurring over the June to August period:

  • Weed control finished,, grass selectives will be used to control Perennial Veldt Grass
  • Hand weeding of woody weeds (mostly Acacia, Geraldton Wax, Agave and Tagasaste) planned
  • A dead flame tree has been removed near the end of Tait Place, to avoid limbs falling on people, path and/or fence. Tree was visited by DRIPD due to potential presence of shothole borer. Results were negative, so trunk left on the ground for habitat
  • Low hanging branches pruned from a Marri tree at bus stop on Forrest Road. The branches obstructed vision for vehicles/pedestrians, which was deemed a risk
  • Limestone path will soon be re-rolled by the contractor.
  • Rabbit control completed in June. Low to moderate activity found, RHDV released in some areas.
  • Fox/cat control completed in June. 3 foxes (2 male, 1 female) and 1 female feral cat found and humanely euthanised. Foxes thought to be moving through, no dens located.
  • Feral bee control completed. Ten hives treated. 3 hives were reinfestations of hives treated in 2021. Several other hollows previously treated are still clear, with evidence of use by birds suggesting effectiveness of control method.
  • Matilda Birkett Reserve (NW corner of Coolbellup Av. and Forrest Rd) suffering from erosion from heavy rain causing some gullies to form and some seedlings being buried during June planting. We are currently assessing the best method to control this.
  • Reports of illegal firewood collection and vandalism including fence cutting.
  • A weed not recorded in the corridor to date was located in Forrest Road North by AP (Podalyria sericea/Satin Bush). These have been removed to avoid spread
  • Fence cut near corner Cooby Av and Forrest Rd repaired
  • DPLH surveys occurring over month of August (dates weather dependent)
  • Approximately 44,000 seedlings planted
  • Good rainfall in July is aiding establishment
  • CCWC fortnightly weeding and mapping in S7 ongoing
  • Large Tuart seedlings donated by John Curtin High School planted by CCWC
Cowslip orchid (Caladenia flava) located in the RR8 corridor. Date: 28.8.2022 Photo credit: Adam Peck.